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What is this place?

1 :maji:2008/05/17(Sat) 15:19:16 ID:JWhlwN410
What kind of purpose was this bulletin board installed in?

2 :maji:2008/05/17(Sat) 15:20:06 ID:JWhlwN410

3 :maji:2008/05/17(Sat) 15:24:26 ID:JWhlwN410

4 :maji:2008/05/18(Sun) 17:51:42 ID:K7AAYuu90

5 :maji:2008/05/18(Sun) 18:42:47 ID:URW4FbTM0

6 :maji:2008/05/18(Sun) 20:38:06 ID:gX3nnyny0
only god knows

7 :maji:2008/05/18(Sun) 22:23:29 ID:lNWgB30EO
hey, this is a good opportunity to learn english.
let's talk about the porpose of this bord.

8 :maji:2008/05/19(Mon) 05:11:25 ID:eCuOEpd0O
dameda korya

9 :maji:2008/05/19(Mon) 08:08:01 ID:BWySVCNg0

10 :maji:2008/05/19(Mon) 09:16:54 ID:LuEgp8UlO

11 :maji:2008/05/19(Mon) 15:19:36 ID:NC1VezUYO

12 :maji:2008/05/21(Wed) 02:09:06 ID:vfVNFtT/0
to attract english speaking foreigners and see what will happen.

13 :maji:2008/05/21(Wed) 02:18:19 ID:vfVNFtT/0
This will soon converge upon a thread only for english speaking people.

14 :maji:2008/05/21(Wed) 23:48:45 ID:sNcK2A4bO
Nanda chimi ha?

15 :maji:2008/05/25(Sun) 01:18:42 ID:/RWLu0ZR0
Can it!

16 :maji:2008/05/25(Sun) 01:25:03 ID:BDQ0uTOK0
X What kind of purpose was this bulletin board installed in?
O What is the purpose of this bulletin board?

17 :maji:2008/05/25(Sun) 01:57:32 ID:noFulY+JO


18 :someone:2008/05/25(Sun) 08:08:54 ID:eZnhIXpk0
you are gay

19 :maji:2008/05/25(Sun) 08:15:16 ID:fF0tO2Wp0

20 :maji:2008/05/25(Sun) 11:45:41 ID:ITH4qQ0c0

21 :maji:2008/05/25(Sun) 22:33:24 ID:nCTUSigJO
Bull shit

22 :maji:2008/05/26(Mon) 02:16:38 ID:hGnU6Wl2O
JAPANESE territory TAKESHIMA is being Illegal-OcCuPied by fucKOREA.

23 :maji:2008/05/31(Sat) 10:30:27 ID:9LlS+Vv30
How do you think this bulletin board would be able to attract English speaking people with all that meaningless threads??
I am afraind that it would just discourage and disappoint those who visit here, instead.

Kore majiresu aruyo.

24 :maji:2008/06/05(Thu) 04:02:46 ID:zQU2vM/UO
se conozca que en el mundo hay muchas idiomas sin ingles, por favor

25 :Kurodabushi:2008/06/05(Thu) 11:30:20 ID:BTY7npTX0
Sake wa nome nome nomu naraba
Hinomono ichi no kono yari o
Nomitoru hodoni nomunaraba
Kore zo makoto no kuroda bushi

Sumera mikuni no mononofu wa
Ikanaru koto o ka tsutomu beki
Tada mi ni moteru magokoro o
Kimi to oya to ni tsukusu made

Mine no arashi ka matsukaze ka
Tazunuru hito no koto no ne ka
Koma o todomete kiku hodo ni
Tsumaoto shiruki sofuren

26 :maji:2008/06/06(Fri) 06:12:09 ID:h3L16rjT0

Nihongo wa NG!

27 :maji:2008/06/17(Tue) 16:25:51 ID:DVqyDiKY0
My fellow Americans:

As your future President I want to thank my supporters, for your mindless support of me, despite my complete lack of any legislative

my pastor's relations with Louis Farrakhan and Libyan dictator Moamar Quadafi, or my blatantly leftist voting record while I present myself as

some sort of bi-partisan agent of change.

I also like how my supporters claim my youthful drug use and criminal behavior somehow qualifies me for the Presidency after 8 years of

claiming Bush's youthful drinking disqualifies him.
Your hypocrisy is a beacon of hope shining over a sea of political posing.

I would also like to thank the Kennedy's for coming out in support of me.
There's a lot of glamour behind the Kennedy name, even though JFK started the Vietnam War,his brother Robert illegally wiretapped Martin

Luther King, Jr.
and Teddy killed a female employee with whom he was having an extra marital affair and who was pregnant with his child.
And I'm not going anywhere near the cousins, both literally and figuratively.
And I'd like to thank Oprah Winfrey for her support. Her love of meaningless empty platitudes will be the force that propels me to the White


Americans should vote for me, not because of my lack of experience or achievement, but because I make people feel good.
Voting for me causes some white folk to feel relieved of their imagined, racist guilt.
I say things that sound meaningful, but don't really mean anything because Americans are tired of things having meaning.
If things have meaning,then that means you have to think about them. Americans are tired of thinking.
It's time to shut down the brain, and open up the heart.
So when you go to vote in the fall election, remember don't think, just do. And do it for me.

Thank You.
Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

28 :maji:2008/06/20(Fri) 02:25:56 ID:dneATtVf0
Your baby loves you, yes, but it will scream relentlessly and mercilessly for whatever it needs, without enlightening you to what that is, and whatever your mental state happens to be.
It does definitely know or care if you are hungry, tired, sick or desperate for the loo.
It is impervious to reason or pleading, it knows no mercy or patience.
It will look at you with eyes full of adoration - and will fly into a hysterical frenzy of rage and terror when you leave the room for 30 seconds.
And when it has a chest infection and is put on antibiotics which give it diarrhea, and you are changing the ninth nappy of the day, with every cough it will violently squirt liquid sh-it out at jet propelled force, all over your jeans.

29 :maji:2008/06/20(Fri) 21:06:47 ID:dneATtVf0
B& OP!!!

Enough of your sick furry-shit.


It's a dog! A FUCKING DOG!!
Why definitely just cut out the middle man and watch real bestiality? Or are you just in denial of your sick fetish? Hiding behind the fact it's on a body that kind of resembles a human's physique.

Go on, admit it, you just want to fuck a real dog.
Do it, no one is judging you.

30 :maji:2008/06/21(Sat) 15:14:39 ID:PEXRIIC30
Here is a shitboard like Vip.
So I think this board is erases soon.

31 :maji:2008/06/25(Wed) 22:19:17 ID:2wSOFYXN0

"A teacher has been found guilty of dangerous driving after being stopped by police for having 13 people travelling in his Volvo car."

"an adult male and a boy were sitting in the passenger seat.

In the back there were two women with infants on their laps, the other six passengers, all young children were either sitting or standing in the centre section of the back seat.

None of the passengers was wearing a seatbelt."

"The defendant denied his action was dangerous saying he had been driving sensibly at no more than 20 mph."


32 :maji:2008/06/27(Fri) 02:33:42 ID:ILr7j60c0
A sharp increase in drugs and cellphones found inside a Brazilian prison mystified officials -- until guards spotted some distressed pigeons struggling to stay airborne.

Inmates at the prison in Marilia, Sao Paulo state had been training carrier pigeons to smuggle in goods using cell phone sized pouches on their backs, a low-tech but ingenious way of skipping the high-tech security that visitors faced.

"We have sophisticated equipment to search people when they go in, but they avoided this by finding another way to bring in cellphones and drugs," prison director Luciano Gamateli told Globo TV."


33 :3a7m9w1z:2008/06/29(Sun) 07:38:02 ID:2B2GoIF60

34 :American Unko:2008/07/05(Sat) 02:43:57 ID:rtJwAITm0
. . . ,,
. . . 'i ;;;;;,_
. . . . 'ii ;;;;;;;_;:..,,.,,,,,
. . . . . i; i; i; i;'',',;''_' :;,.
. . . . . .Xy__;:. . _ ) . . .)
. . . . . _(I''._,_,,__,, r_ , /
. . . .,/;:;'':;.:;''; i;'',',;;;_'' ; ;':;,.
. . . (ycc;:...:,:.:._;:..:,:.:.. _ . . .)
. . . .i.''-=v''- .:v_,, c_, r_ ,/
. . . /;i;i; '',',;;;_'';'';'';'';'';;;.K' ' ':;,
. . (y_ ,_;:...:,:.:._;_;:.:,:.:. . _ . . . , )
. . .V''.-= v''- .:v:: X_._ .,,_,,:_,r
. /i;i;'',',;;;_''U'';'';'';'';;;;;/.E''''' ' ':;,,
(y,,;:..R.:,:.:._;:.E.:,:.:. ._U 'o, , ' . , )
.V,,..;::;;;::,;,::;):;:;:; .:v_._ .,_,,v_,,r_,V

35 :maji:2008/07/05(Sat) 03:12:03 ID:pKAA/9mP0
Is this a "strange news" thread?

36 :maji:2008/07/05(Sat) 05:13:45 ID:7R/thbBv0
/dejima/ - English Copypasta

37 :maji:2008/07/06(Sun) 05:57:44 ID:YxmPhS3k0
We call it kopipe here.

38 :maji:2008/07/09(Wed) 04:17:42 ID:nthTfzeZO
I Love Akifumi

39 :maji:2008/07/10(Thu) 14:26:36 ID:wAM6sAyK0
Who is Akifumi?

40 :American Unko:2008/07/14(Mon) 02:06:41 ID:aRdLJuFz0
. . . ,,
. . . 'i ;;;;;,_
. . . . 'ii ;;;;;;;_;:..,,.,,,,,
. . . . . i; i; i; i;'',',;''_' :;,.
. . . . . .Xy__;:. . _ ) . . .)
. . . . . _(I''._,_,,__,, r_ , /
. . . .,/;:;'':;.:;''; i;'',',;;;_'' ; ;':;,.
. . . (ycc;:...:,:.:._;:..:,:.:.. _ . . .)
. . . .i.''-=v''- .:v_,, c_, r_ ,/
. . . /;i;i; '',',;;;_'';'';'';'';'';;;.K' ' ':;,
. . (y_ ,_;:...:,:.:._;_;:.:,:.:. . _ . . . , )
. . .V''.-= v''- .:v:: X_._ .,,_,,:_,r
. /i;i;'',',;;;_''U'';'';'';'';;;;;/.E''''' ' ':;,,
(y,,;:..R.:,:.:._;:.E.:,:.:. ._U 'o, , ' . , )
.V,,..;::;;;::,;,::;):;:;:; .:v_._ .,_,,v_,,r_,V

41 :maji:2008/07/29(Tue) 08:39:37 ID:tLnRxgO30
how do you post on 2ch?

42 :maji:2008/08/12(Tue) 03:35:01 ID:CFcP2Yq30

43 :maji:2008/08/12(Tue) 03:36:10 ID:CFcP2Yq30
sorry forgot to sage

44 :maji:2008/09/26(Fri) 22:13:09 ID:BzKvsf6e0

45 :maji:2008/12/15(Mon) 16:51:01 ID:wkIo6HLh0

46 :maji:2008/12/15(Mon) 21:59:37 ID:Tqf1s+QBO
this place ni real gaijin wa iruno?

47 :maji:2008/12/16(Tue) 13:12:14 ID:5cHOd5JB0
only jap

gaijin inai

48 :aj:2008/12/16(Tue) 15:05:55 ID:3rQnVotHO

Kiss my ass

49 :maji:2008/12/17(Wed) 01:45:36 ID:Qq/MAKQhO

50 :maji:2008/12/17(Wed) 14:45:44 ID:wTal98Tl0
This is a pen.

51 :maji:2008/12/18(Thu) 03:36:45 ID:I4Fbx6GJO
No, It is a dragonfly

52 :maji:2008/12/29(Mon) 20:06:13 ID:uIKz4SxKO

53 : 【大吉】 【1191円】 :2009/01/01(Thu) 00:58:36 ID:rC25lrUoO

54 :119-230-69-184.eonet.ne.jp:2009/03/06(Fri) 21:54:00 ID:4HEociVO0
Let's check your IP Address.


HTTP_USER_AGENT=CoralWebPrx/0.1.19 (See http://coralcdn.org/)
HTTP_VIA=HTTP/1.0 (CoralWebPrx/0.1.19 (See http://coralcdn.org/))

55 :No.54 Page of 2:2009/03/06(Fri) 21:56:03 ID:4HEociVO0

----- access list -----
2009/02/18 19:41:04 caerus.ivegotafang.com
2009/02/19 00:42:16 planetlab-02.bu.edu
2009/02/19 15:50:04 csc0g04prb.net.cuhk.edu.hk
2009/02/19 18:23:23 planetlab1.isi.jhu.edu
2009/02/19 22:55:53 lava-ext.nus.edu.sg
2009/02/20 15:44:11 planetlab-7.CS.Princeton.EDU
2009/02/20 18:54:40 crawl-66-249-71-38.googlebot.com
2009/02/21 02:14:27 swsat1503.mpi-sws.mpg.de
2009/02/21 14:50:39 swsat1503.mpi-sws.mpg.de
2009/02/21 23:19:30 pl2.planetlab.ics.tut.ac.jp
2009/02/22 12:49:58 peeramide.irisa.fr
2009/02/22 18:38:42 votypka.hhnet.cz
2009/02/22 21:57:42 planet2.inf.tu-dresden.de
2009/02/23 07:59:52 crawl-66-249-71-11.googlebot.com
2009/02/23 11:56:01 llf531053.crawl.yahoo.net
2009/02/23 13:54:11 planetlab1.cse.msu.edu
2009/02/24 10:21:29
2009/02/25 20:39:28 crawl-66-249-71-38.googlebot.com
2009/02/26 01:49:16 planetlab2.cs.purdue.edu
2009/02/26 03:12:30 msnbot-65-55-210-108.search.msn.com
2009/02/27 02:55:41 caerus.ivegotafang.com
2009/02/27 05:55:30 caerus.ivegotafang.com
2009/02/27 16:33:37 planetlab1.cs.uoregon.edu
2009/02/27 21:44:18 93-96-181-132.zone4.bethere.co.uk
2009/02/27 22:13:00 caerus.ivegotafang.com
2009/02/27 23:37:52 planetlab0.dojima.wide.ad.jp
2009/02/28 05:35:35 a2-151.ltk.com.ua

56 :No.54 Page of 3:2009/03/06(Fri) 21:57:30 ID:4HEociVO0

2009/02/28 11:27:26 crawl-66-249-71-10.googlebot.com
2009/02/28 23:29:55 89-149-244-57.internetserviceteam.com
2009/03/01 03:11:41 planetlab1.informatik.uni-goettingen.de
2009/03/01 16:42:36 swsat1505.mpi-sws.mpg.de
2009/03/01 20:33:22 89-149-244-57.internetserviceteam.com
2009/03/02 01:12:50 89-149-244-57.internetserviceteam.com
2009/03/02 15:38:35 crawl-66-249-71-36.googlebot.com
2009/03/03 10:50:36
2009/03/03 16:46:17 csc0g04prb.net.cuhk.edu.hk
2009/03/03 17:54:39 server1.planetlab.iit-tech.net
2009/03/04 03:15:58 92.f5.344a.static.theplanet.com
2009/03/04 08:06:29 llf531363.crawl.yahoo.net
2009/03/04 17:01:25 kc-sce-plab2.umkc.edu
2009/03/05 01:57:25 planet2.scs.cs.nyu.edu
2009/03/05 04:08:48 crawl-66-249-65-12.googlebot.com
2009/03/05 07:55:54
2009/03/05 10:38:58 planetlab1.iis.sinica.edu.tw
2009/03/05 16:57:49 planetlab1.poly.edu
2009/03/06 03:29:04 planetlab02.erin.utoronto.ca
2009/03/06 03:29:06 planetlab02.cs.washington.edu
2009/03/06 10:04:53 planetlab2.iii.u-tokyo.ac.jp
2009/03/06 11:22:42 p006108.doubleroute.jp
2009/03/06 21:45:44 planetlab11.Millennium.Berkeley.EDU

57 :No.54:2009/03/06(Fri) 23:51:30 ID:4HEociVO0

It is an answer to Mr. >>1.

It is used to experiment on various Web as the realities though the intended purpose because of becoming accustomed to the system of a Japanese original bulletin board it chats as the foreigner person.

58 :119-230-69-184.eonet.ne.jp:2009/03/07(Sat) 00:05:30 ID:Ob9R//VZ0

Coral Content Distribution Network
The Coral Content Distribution Network, sometimes called Coral Cache or Coral, is a free peer-to-peer content distribution network.
Coral uses the bandwidth of volunteers to mirror web content, often to avoid the Slashdot Effect or to reduce the load on websites in general.


One of Coral's key goals is to avoid ever creating 'hot spots' of very high traffic,
as these might dissuade volunteers from running the software out of a fear that spikes in server load may occur.
It achieves this through an indexing abstraction called a distributed sloppy hash table (DSHT);
DSHTs create self-organizing clusters of nodes that fetch information from each other to avoid communicating with more distant or heavily-loaded servers.
The sloppy hash table refers to the fact that coral is made up of concentric rings of distributed hash tables (DHTs),
each ring representing a wider and wider geographic range (or rather, ping range).
The DHTs are composed of nodes all within some latency of each other (for example, a ring of nodes within 20 milliseconds of each other).
It avoids hot spots (the 'sloppy' part) by only continuing to query progressively larger sized rings if they are not overburdened.
In other words, if the two top-most rings rings are experiencing too much traffic, a node will just ping closer ones:
when a node that is overloaded is reach, upward progression stops. This minimises the occurrence of hot spots, with the disadvantage that knowledge of the system as a whole is reduced.
Requests from users are directed to a relatively close node, which then finds the file on the coral DSHT and forwards it to the user.


A website can be accessed through the Coral Cache by adding .nyud.net to the hostname in the site's URL, resulting in what is known as a 'coralized link'.
So, for example, http://example.com becomes http://example.com.nyud.net.

59 :No.58:2009/03/07(Sat) 00:10:00 ID:Ob9R//VZ0


The project has been in an open beta testing phase since March 2004, during which it has been hosted on PlanetLab,
a large scale distributed research network of 400 servers but not, as ultimately intended, third party volunteer systems.
Of those 400 servers, about 275 are currently running Coral. The source code is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.
Coral Cache gained notoriety in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, when it was used to allow access to otherwise inaccessible videos of the resulting tsunami.


Some web filtering software packages, such as Websense, block access to the Coral Cache as it is seen as a form of proxy avoidance.

1:It is URL when the Coral proxy server is not use.

2:It is URL when the Coral proxy server is use.

Source URL

60 :119-230-78-36.eonet.ne.jp:2009/03/10(Tue) 02:04:59 ID:hnpdd/3/0

Web page URL changed.
Please change in the bookmark though the trouble will be multiplied by everybody.

Please continue your favors toward patronage humbly in the future.

The Web page of the Weblog style Web page was made for trial purposes.

1 : History repeats itself.

Old URL : http://119-230-69-184.eonet.ne.jp.nyud.net/~p1721-ipbffx600/kokuryo.gunma.amie.org/enter.html
New URL : http://119-230-78-36.eonet.ne.jp.nyud.net/~p1721-ipbffx600/kokuryo.gunma.amie.org/enter.html

The Web page of the wedding dress was made for trial purposes.

2 : Fairy Wedding.

Old URL : http://119-230-69-184.eonet.ne.jp.nyud.net/~p1721-ipbffx600/shibuya.tokyo.amie.or.jp/toppage.html
New URL : http://119-230-78-36.eonet.ne.jp.nyud.net/~p1721-ipbffx600/shibuya.tokyo.amie.or.jp/toppage.html

1:It is URL when the Coral proxy server is not use.

Old URL : http://119-230-69-184.eonet.ne.jp/env.php/
New URL : http://119-230-78-36.eonet.ne.jp/env.php/

2:It is URL when the Coral proxy server is use.

Old URL : http://119-230-69-184.eonet.ne.jp.nyud.net/env.php/
New URL : http://119-230-78-36.eonet.ne.jp.nyud.net/env.php/

From AmieNet Co.Ltd. Tokyo Japan

9 March 2009

61 :maji:2009/04/23(Thu) 19:49:55 ID:FEYlK5a20
I'm sad ;_;
Why doesn't 2ch let non-Jap IPs post on the main site?

Dejima sucks ass, practically no-one ever posts here.

62 :maji:2009/04/24(Fri) 23:27:22 ID:+TJNs/d60

63 :maji:2009/04/25(Sat) 00:40:28 ID:tTKxf6MK0

64 :maji:2009/09/20(Sun) 00:37:49 ID:asjST1Fk0
im am flebin zegs flarbkin

65 :maji:2009/12/19(Sat) 22:41:56 ID:Avb1BA6DO


66 :maji:2010/04/05(Mon) 03:42:57 ID:AxjfpHoq0
I have a little skil writing English.
But I can't understand this.
"i'm loving it"
What do you think is this trying to say?
Why he write not "I" but "i" ?
This thing keeps me awake.

By the way, why this thread can't write some Japanese?
I can't drow some picture using symbols.
People usually using 2ch is called this ASCII ART.
Please recture me.

I will never visit this board.
Thank you for reading.

67 :maji:2010/09/25(Sat) 14:38:30 ID:OVlcM9Mq0
Fuck me

68 :maji:2010/09/26(Sun) 05:25:56 ID:eJ5xKp5T0
"i'm loving it" simply stand for "I am loving it"

The person who wrote it made a grammatical error by typing "I" in lowercase form.

69 :maji:2010/09/26(Sun) 10:18:53 ID:Fb+Wch/+0
This is a end of 2channel.

70 :maji:2010/10/01(Fri) 01:58:06 ID:HLU7WDC50
Toots & The maytals - Funcky Kingston
SL2 - On A Ragga Tip
Sambassim - Fernanda Porto - Mad Zoo Jazzy's Remix
Samba Rio De Janeiro Remix
Sergio Mendes - You And I (Cutmore Remix)
Jackson Sisters "I Believe In Miracles"

71 :maji:2010/10/12(Tue) 00:39:57 ID:4os7AgUBO
i see

72 :119-230-71-63f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp:2010/12/11(Sat) 19:50:00 ID:f50cSBo80
Akina's nice short story

Everybody and nice to meet you! I'm Akina.
I'm an one's own pace, and the blog of daily life and the idea to which the photograph readily is suitably exchanged and written.
Please look at my with one's own way patiently if it's good.
If it's possible to point it out readily, I'm welcome because it thinks that there are a lot of points that don't arrive either.
Then, please come from following URL.


Thank you for lending valuable advertising space.

73 :maji:2011/07/12(Tue) 08:44:40.86 ID:Oi3Nb6nV0

74 :maji:2011/07/24(Sun) 21:32:32.11 ID:XTPsc5v10
yes.we are sucks. and bottom of 2ch-er.

75 :maji:2011/10/03(Mon) 21:44:49.72 ID:lyT27ra20

76 : 忍法帖【Lv=16,xxxPT】 :2011/10/04(Tue) 04:35:20.75 ID:2zF+EfBA0
shooting an elephant

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